Google Streaming Search Results

When doing a search on Google [GOOG], you will have noticed over the last several months, perhaps longer, that as you type, suggestions drop below the search box giving you hints at what you want to search for.

An even newer service has been spotted recently that indicates Google could be displaying actual search results as you type the search in the search box. This is believed to be called Google Streaming Search Results and as you start to enter text, the results keep changing on each letter typed to perhaps let you get your result a little quicker.

Google hasn’t made it clear if this functionality is coming to users or not as it has only been rolled out to a fraction of users or IP ranges (however that works). Google has confirmed that tests are being performed though.

It’s certainly a unique way to search although we are not sure if will make the search experience better or worse. Check out the video below to see a demonstration of how it works…

Via: Ousbey

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