Google Me Service could Take on Facebook

Kevin Rose sent out a tweet recently that said…

Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source

No other information is known other than what Kevin Rose says above which has led to some speculation about what Google could be up to. Google [GOOG] is a large company who often experiments in different areas. It’s primary business is with search and ads, but it also expands out to Google Buzz, Google Mail, Google Wave amongst tons of other offerings.

Some of them do very well such as GMail while others don’t appear to get as much traction. This leaves us to believe that Google could indeed try tackle Facebook with “Google Me”, but it won’t guarantee success.

Some are saying that the Google Me service could be related to Google Profiles and be a more polished offering there. Right now we just have to wait and see what Google has planned.

If Google do announce and launch “Google Me”, would you join it? or do you prefer to stick to Facebook that has hundreds of millions of users already where it is already easy to find old friends?

Via: Gaj-It


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