Google redirects to

Google [GOOG] have shut down their Chinese search site found at and instead, redirected that domain to The move is in response to all the problems that have arisen over cyber attacks and censoring results over the last few months. By redirecting all traffic to they are able to serve up full uncensored results to those in China.

The uncensored results on the version of the site are being displayed in simplified Chinese as well as traditional Chinese allowing results to be easily used by all who be accessing the pages. Google say that the move is legal and should keep China happy in terms of the current law.

Due to the increased demands in traffic at a few services are running a little slower until they can get enough hardware out that way to cope with the new demands. They also say a few services might appear off line at this time.

It’s an interesting move although TechCrunch did find a report that said out of 27,000 citizens who were surveyed, 84% of them don’t care about Google pulling out of China.

The full blog post can be found over at Google.

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