Google Real Time Search Engine Features Expanding

Google [GOOG] is expanding the Real Time search features of it’s search engine by launching

The service isn’t fully live yet, but when live will work in a similar way to how the twitter results are embedded in various search query results.

The service will be updated to include updates from Google Buzz, Facebook, MySpace to name a few social networking sites so that when you search for a query that is surging at a current time, such as an earth quake, film release, disaster, mobile phone news etc… you’ll be able to see results of what everybody is talking about online.

If you visit the Google Real Time URL, you’ll be able to search for topics seeing only results from social networking sites letting you find the very latest information rather than an out dated web page.

Filters will also be made available for the service allowing to search for news in your local area or in any other area that you determine.

Other features will allow you to set up alerts so that news that meets certain criteria can be forwarded to your email box.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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