Google Provides Its Carbon Emission Details

Google has created a website that details the carbon emissions of the company. The general data shows that the company emits about 1.5 million tons per year of carbon although thanks to custom designing each of its datacentres they have managed to cut down the original numbers by 50%.

The Google Green website provides details such as:

The impact of YouTube & Gmail
Similar to search, we calculated the carbon dioxide emissions for some everyday activities and objects and compared them to YouTube and Gmail. Specifically, streaming 1 minute of YouTube requires 0.0002 kWh, and generates approximately 0.1 g carbon dioxide. Google uses 2.2 kWh per Gmail user every year, and generates 1.2 kg of carbon dioxide.

The website is available over here and should give you a few things to think about. Although most of you probably don’t own and operate your own datacentre, there’s other advice that might apply that could help reduce your own footprint. Interesting read!!!

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