Google Phone – Nexus One Hands-On

Gizmodo managed to get to spend some time with the Google Phone AKA Nexus One. The N1 is built by HTC and is described by Gizmodo as being a Motorola DROID killer in all ways. The phone has no physical keyboard making it very thin. It’s fast and managed to beat both the DROID and iPhone in web page load speeds consistently.

The screen on the Nexus One (N1) measures the same as the DROID but has been described as looking amazing. The blacks are blacker and the colours are more vibrant making the whole visual experience far better.

The Nexus One currently runs Android 2.1 and overall it runs faster than the DROID. There are no official numbers on the CPU at the moment but Giz believe it to be a 1GHz processor inside providing a more snappy user experience.

Overall it looks set to be an incredible phone. Lets home for some official information soon to clarify the hardware specs and what ever else is not known at the moment.

Via: Giz

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