Google One-Button Voice Actions for Android 2.2 Launches

Google [GOOG] has updated the Voice Search application for those running Android 2.2. The new version gives users more control over their smartphone by using their voice.

Examples of what the new changes can do include the ability to send a text message or email by voice. You can also tell it to call a local restaurant or navigate to the closest book store. If you want to make a note of something you just hit the mic button and say “note to self, remember to buy cheese” and a note is created saying just that.

Another one: Navigation. Say “Navigate to Rockefeller Plaza”, and it will bring up the navigation app and drive you to the destination. Then, finding music on your phone, which will go out on the internet and grab music to play back on an app on your Android phone. Once you find a result, it’ll come back and show you which apps support this music feature, and you can pick one to play (like Pandora).

Other handy tasks include the ability to set alarms for a certain time in the morning. Ten of these new voice functions have been included in the latest update which are listed below…

send text to [contact] [message]
listen to [artist/song/album]
call [business]
call [contact]
send email to [contact] [message]
go to [website]
note to self [note]
navigate to [location/business name]
directions to [location/business name]
map of [location]

Quite impressive stuff! Check out the video over on Gizmodo, or download it now from the Android market if you run Android 2.2.

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