Google Nexus One Upgrade Price Lowered

Google [GOOG] seem to have made a step in the right direction after some criticism about upgrade prices for the Nexus One. The step in the right direction sees Google refunding $100 for those who paid the upgrade price of $379 for the Nexus One bringing the price down to $279.

For those who have already purchased the phone at $379 a rebate should be with you in the next 14 days. For those of you looking to upgrade now you can go ahead and pick up the phone at $279.

Available pricing options for the Google Nexus One are now as follows…

* $529 unlocked
* $279 for T-Mobile customers who meet the eligibility requirements (still working to get exact details on new eligibility)
* $179 for new T-Mobile 2 yr activation

Time for them to just work on the other problems they have received criticism over that includes customer service and early termination fees then all will be forgiven.

Via: Android and Me and TMoNews

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