Google Nexus One – A Sales Failure?

It appears that the Google Nexus One might actually be a sales failure looking at the chart above (larger version below). It is estimated that just 135,000 devices have been shipped in the first 74 days. Compare that to the likes of the Motorola DROID and the iPhone which hit around the 1 million mark things look quite bad for the Nexus One.

The amount of days (74) was decided on because of Apple [AAPL] first announcing that in those opening days of the iPhone going on sale they shifted 1 million units in that time. The other two figures are actually calculated on using stats from a company called Flurry who track app’s installed on devices (UDID’s).

The Google Nexus One it’s self has had a number of raving reports of how good it is which makes the numbers either seem way off, or a problem with marketing the device. When launching the Nexus One, Google decided to go about it in a whole different way by selling the device from the Google site and then providing hardware and after sales support themselves. When ordering you choose the network you want it on and it’s shipped to you (although there isn’t much choice right now in terms of networks). If you think back to when the DROID was announced, Verizon did a huge push in marketing the device and it seems this is the point where Google [GOOG] didn’t quite get it right. Of course this is all speculation though as Google haven’t announced official numbers.

Either way, it doesn’t look that good when you only shift 13% of what your competitors do.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Of course, since it was only available in from one online source and they did not spend more than $100 million marketing it beforehand it is like comparing apples and oranges (pardon the pun).

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