Google Nexus S Android 2.3.6 Android Update Released – Don’t Install

Google has released an OTA update for the Google Nexus S which is designed to fix a bug with the voice search functions of the device. The new Android release is 2.3.6 which Google has begun pushing out this weekend.

The current problem with the device is that for some users the voice search function would activate randomly which makes the phone harder to use when it randomly steps in. The over-the-air update is due any time now (and is perhaps rolling out already). Various users on some networks have already reported the update is coming through such as those on Bell, Rogers and TELUS.

The downside is that users of a very lengthy thread over on Google are now reporting that the update hasn’t fixed the voice search problem and that in some cases, a new problem has been introduced which now see’s some of those unable to use tethering.

To keep an eye on the progress you can follow this thread which has all of the history including the current problems.


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