Google Nexus One Phone Support Arrives

Since Google [GOOG] launched the Nexus One the company only gave online support which upset a few people. Yesterday the search company announced that phone support would now be made available for those who use the Google Phone.

This move comes after a month of the phone being first made available and allows phone users to call support if needed. The number to call is (888) 48NEXUS (63987) and lines are open from 4am to 7pm PST.

With a phone service now in place it will allow users to call for all technical issues along with shipping issues. It’s a big change from what Google normally does as the company generally use email, forums and populated FAQ sections to answer questions some of which aren’t the friendliest of places to get answers.

“By design, we focused initially on providing the best possible customer support through our on-line channel, and our experience in the four weeks since the Nexus One launch enabled us to significantly enhance that on-line support offering. We have been able to address a large majority of customers’ inquiries successfully through on-line support, in combination with phone support from our partners, HTC and T-Mobile,” a Google spokesperson said. “That said, our approach with our new consumer channel is to learn fast and continue to improve…Live phone support from Google, combined with an optimized on-line support experience, enables a superior Nexus One customer experience.”

By having online and phone support, Google now believe they have top notch support that caters for all users. It is unknown at the moment how Google will handle international calls when the Nexus One launches in areas such as Europe. Will they offer online support only to other countries? The other option is to divert all calls to the US or maybe they will open up country specific call centres. We’ll find out for sure when the phone arrives soon in the UK and other countries.


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