Google Nexus One Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Ported Over

The Google Nexus One, which is the original pure Android device, has now begun to taste Ice Cream Sandwich. Although it is unlikely to get the official Android 4.0, someone has managed to use the SDK to port over Ice Cream Sandwich on to the old device.

When ports are made to other devices they generally have a few issues. This is the case with the ICS port to the Nexus One. In this case WiFi has problems as does video decoding, the audio as well as issues with the stability with the operating system and device.

Give it a few days or weeks and we should start seeing some of the bugs ironed out at which point, it might be made available for download.

Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of what ICS runs like on the Google Nexus One.

Update: Comments on the YouTube video now say that WiFi is working. Expect more updates through out today and the rest of the week.


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