Google Nexus Two Could Land by Christmas in UK

Around Christmas time this year, the UK might get to see a new Google Nexus Two smartphone. Some reports today are hinting at Google [GOOG] selling the phone exclusively through Carphone Warehouse who specialise in selling unlocked handsets in the UK.

As for technical specs, it is expected to of course be better than the Nexus One in that it will have a quicker CPU, perhaps a higher resolution screen (at a guess) and it will run the latest Google Android operating system 3.0 (2.3?) codenamed Gingerbread.

As for what I personally think, I can’t see it happening on such an exclusive basis. Perhaps Google will launch it again to the world, but to a single supplied in the UK we are not so sure about.

Should Google create a Nexus Two, or did the Nexus One do its job in upping the Android game around the world?

Via: PocketNow

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