Google Nexus One Lacks Multi-Touch

Google-Nexus-OneTnkGrl managed to check the Google Nexus One phone out recently and spotted a few interesting things. One of the main features lacking on the phone is multi-touch. It seems that the phone does not allow for it. I am sure that some clever folk will managed to figure a way to get it working though so that’s no biggie although it would be nice to see it function out of the box.

On the plus side, the phone is extremely thin, has a fairly decent battery capacity of 1400 mAh. It has an OLED screen from what tnkgrl mentioned. It is unlocked for now (that might change) and has a super snappy interface.

Not much new information here although it’s nice to see someone else take a look at the phone and give it a brief opinion. Expect more details over the coming weeks.

Via: TnkGrl

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