Google Nexus One Hardware

Google-Nexus-OneThesearethedroids hjave taken a look at the ROM on the new Google phone that will be called the Nexus One. The Nexus One appears to be running a Snapdragon processor due to some specific Snapdragon libraries found in the ROM.

Other details include a proximity sensor/light sensor along with a 3 axis accelerometer and a magnetic compass. WiFi and Bluetooth have also been found.

Reference to audio and graphics have also been found in the ROM. As far as I can really tell, it’s just another phone that has almost the same stuff as any other current day smartphone on the market. One thing mentioned in the comments over at thesearethedroids is that people are wanting an FM transmitter and one of the references found in the ROM could refer to this being built in to the hardware.

Via: Thesearethedroids

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