How the Google Nexus One was Designed

When a company design a mobile phone you might expect they simply design how they want the phone to look (being realistic) and then put a circuit board, screen and a few other functions inside such as a GPS receiver, BT radio and Wireless radio and give it a name. Google [GOOG] have put together a video showing what went in to designing the Google Nexus One phone that was recently released and from what I see in the video a lot more thought goes in to it than I expected.

The Nexus One was designed in detail from the material used for the casing right down to what microphone they use to pick up your voice when you talk on a call. More detail in the video reveals that the Nexus One in fact has two micophones with one listening to your voice and surrounding sounds and the second just listening to surrounding sounds. Waves are combined and all but your voice is removed from the conversation.

The video below shows the part about microphones as well as the dock and the casing. It is presented by HTC and Google employees and is called Nexus One: The Story. The video is actually part of a series which shows how the phone was put together and is quite an interesting watch. Check it out below.

Via: GearDiary

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