Google Music Could Compete with Apple iTunes

Google [GOOG] a few weeks back at the Google I/O event, gave a very brief sneak peak at a new web-based music service that would tackle iTunes that Apple [AAPL] run.

On June 4, a logo was found on the Google servers showing that the service could be called Google Music. The logo is above in this post (note that the logo has now been removed from the servers).

It is expected that Google Music will be part of a new section in the Android Market and that some sort of streaming will be made available for users. When we say streaming, it isn’t confirmed just yet if streaming will be made available, or if music you like can be just downloaded direct from Android Market on to your Android device and then played back.

Google also announced the acquisition of Simplify Media. Using Simplify’s technology, Google will offer a desktop app that will give you access to all DRM-free media on Android devices remotely.

Apple is expected to launch a cloud-based iTunes service soon which indicates that Google should probably get in gear and announce the service and get it up and running.

Via: TechCrunch

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