Google Maps Navigation Works in Europe Again

Google-Maps-NavigationA couple of weeks ago we reported that Google Maps Navigation had been modified so that it could work in Europe as well as the rest of the world where available. Google officially have it restricted to just the USA. After just a couple of weeks Google managed to block access to Google Maps Navigation by throwing up an error… well, it’s been done again and Navigation is back.

The new update comes courtesy of the people at XDA-Developers again who have been working on this for the last few days.

The application works on both rooted and non-rooted phones and requires you follow a few simple instructions that manually delete the old application and reinstall the new modified application.

Full instructions along with the download can be found over at XDA forums.

The people at XDA explain that navigation is cut down in some ways and if you use this version in the US you will also get a limited set of features. So, if you can run the official version then run it. For the rest of the world, use the version at XDA developers for now.

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