Google Maps Navigation Updated

Google [GOOG] has announced a new update to Google Maps for Android. The latest version to download is now 4.5 and introduces Walking Navigation (beta) to the app. Street View smart navigation has also been added to the app.

When using the new Walking Navigation features, the app gives walking directions that follow paths (when paths are in Google maps) rather than keeping you to roads like previously.

“your phone will vibrate when you need to make a turn. You can even turn off voice guidance and just use these notifications while soaking in the sights and sounds around you. To help you orient yourself with your surroundings, the map will rotate with you as you turn the phone, and walking mode uses satellite view by default. Use it like a virtual compass with satellite imagery to look ahead or help pick out landmarks along the way.”

Keep in mind that Walking Navigation is still in beta, and Google Maps may not always have up-to-date information or optimal walking routes. Whether you’re walking or driving with Google Maps Navigation, you should always be safe and pay attention to road signs, follow signals, and use good judgment about routes that can’t be walked.

The other new feature is Street View smart navigation that allows you to drag pegman from the corner of the screen and drop him on to a street you want to view. You also get the small “pancake” to drag around the screen that quickly warps you to the place on the street you want to be, as displayed in the video below.

Street View is a separate download to Google Maps and will need to be installed separately.

The video below shows how Street View works…

Via: Google


  1. Kathy Jo Manes says

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