Google Maps Navigation Android Update Brings Bike Routes and More

Google [GOOG] has provided an update for Google Maps Navigation on Android that brings a few new features to the software.

The new features include biking directions, a navigation shortcut for the homescreen along with sharing and a few other bits. The new version of Google Maps is 4.2 that works on all Android devices running Android OS 1.6 and above.

The biking directions on Google Maps bring details of lanes and trails to your Android smartphone. When navigating you can select a new Bike icon that brings up details of bicycling routes in the US. By using layers the software can show various coloured routes with each indicating a different type of challenge.

The Google Navigation shortcut brings a small arrow to the home screen of the Android device. By clicking the navigation shortcut you are able to go right in to the Navigation features of Google Maps and get navigating right away.

The sharing functions of the new Google Maps 4.2 allow you to share destinations on maps with other friends. For example, you might be planning a meetup. By using Google Maps you can invite all your friends and share the location with them.

Overall it appears to be quite a decent update to Google Maps with some nice features. The downside is that right now the bike routes are limited to the US although we expect that to change in the coming months.

Via: Google

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