Google Maps for Android Gets an Update

Google has released a new version of Google Maps for Android. The newest release is numbered 5.10.0 and brings a couple of new features to the smartphone. The first is the ability to see places you have given a 4 or 5 star rating to. The second is the ability to attach photos to reviews.

The 4/5 star rating system was developed to allow those who travel to see what places they have been to before. If on a business trip you visit a restaurant for the first time, you can give that restaurant a star rating and if you visit the area again you can easily find those places you enjoyed in the past. Of course this isn’t just restricted to the business traveler as anyone travelling somewhere could rate a place they have been to.

You can grab the update on your Android smartphone via the Android Market, or you can visit the link here and download via the web interface.


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