Google Live-Updating Results Could Be Announced Today

Last night, Google [GOOG] added a new Google Doodle logo to it’s search home page. The new doodle indicates that Google Live-Updating results could be landing soon.

Recently, Google [GOOG] has been testing live-updating results that change as you type in a search phrase. A tweet by Google says…

Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something exciting coming very soon…

We don’t know for sure if it will be live-updating results that arrive although the logo certainly indicates it with how it works.

An event is happening in the morning at 9:30am PT where Google is expected to make an announcement.

Via: TechCrunch


  1. FreebieJeebies says

    If this is the case, I’m interested to see how it affects my SERPS

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