Google Launch Gmail Priority Inbox

Google [GOOG] has launched a new feature in Gmail called Gmail Priority Inbox. The new service uses a system that learns which emails are most important to you and prioritises them based on how you use your email.

When emails arrive at Gmail, they are first scanned for spam and then discarded. If they pass successfully through the filter, Google then determines if the email is a priority or not and organises them appropriately.

The system learns what emails you read first, what you reply to and how you read your email. By learning what you do, it can then promote an email to a priority status so that you can sort through the most important emails first.

If Gmail gets it wrong then you can manually promote or demote an email as needed which will then be fed in to the rule system and acted on when a similar email arrives again.

The service is expected to launch in the next few days where it will roll across all of Gmail from what we understand. It is aimed at those who get a mountain of email to deal with each day and should help you to filter through what is important or not, thus saving some time.

We are not sure at the moment if it will land on Android or the iPad or if you will need to just read email in the order they arrive. However, we expect it will arrive as this would be perfectly suited to mobile versions as they tend to be a little slower to use than desktop versions.

Full details can be found at Google. Check out the video below to see a cartoon explaining how it works.

Via: Gaj-It


  1. Buen Trabajo says

    Priority is so critical in this era of information overload! also does a nice job of prioritizing your tasks. Which also happens to have the effect of reducing email by making your digital life more streamlined. . .

  2. I have noticed that The Priority service slows down Gmail performance…

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