Google Launch Gmail Calling Service

Google [GOOG] has announced a new service that allows Gmail users to make phone calls from Gmail to regular phones. Previously the video and call service was restricted to a computer to computer set up which required the call receiver to be sat at a computer or other connected device such as a laptop.

The service is rolling out right now for those Gmail users in the US. If you are not in the US then you’ll need to wait a little longer although Google did mention that the service will eventually arrive to others.

Call costs in the US and Canada are free for the rest of this year. International calls go as low as 2 cents per minute to countries such as the UK. A comparison chart can be found here which is worth reading as calls to UK landlines are 2 cents like mentioned a moment ago although calls to a UK mobile are 18 cents.

To make a call you click the Call phone icon at the top of the chat list. You can then type a contact name, or enter a number direct and the call will be connected.

If you have a Google Voice phone number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. And if you decide to, you can receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail (see instructions).

The video below summarises with cartoons exactly what the new Gmail Call service does.

Via: Google

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