Google is Working on a 7-Inch Android Tablet – Rumour

A rumour started today indicates that Google [GOOG] is working on creating a 7 inch tablet… perhaps a Nexus Tablet to be more precise. Although this is a rumour, it probably isn’t far from the truth. The problem with Android tablets is that none of them have really taken off. We haven’t included the Kindle Fire when making that statement, but it is an Android tablet but completely customised to feel different. This of course could mean that Amazon is winning the Android race. Either way, Google is lagging behind and needs to do something about it.

Recently, Eric Schmidt made a comment about the company making a tablet of the highest quality. It is believed that soon will be the time for Google to launch it and it will likely be in the Nexus brand of devices.

The rumour indicates that the device will be 7 inches, run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and have a price tag of less than $199 to make it compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire. We don’t know how much of that is correct, but we don’t doubt that Google is cooking up something to tackle the tablet space. Will it be competing with the Kindle in terms of price or competing with the iPad in terms of price? we don’t know, but Google has to be doing something to bring Android to the mass market in tablet form.


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