Google Increase Youtube Upload Limit to 15 Minutes

Google [GOOG] has increased the upload limit for all users from the standard 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

According to Google, many users have asked that the 10 minute restriction is increased and after waiting a while, it is now available.

We encourage you to take full advantage of this new time limit by making a video of your ’15 minutes of fame. Imagine that this video is all the world will ever know about you: what would you want to communicate? What will be the enduring stamp you’ve left on us all? Tag your video with ‘yt15minutes, upload it by Wednesday, August 4, and we’ll select a handful of people to truly gain their 15 minutes of fame by featuring them on the YouTube homepage in a future spotlight.

The restriction has been in place for all users for a long time now. The only people who could upload longer videos were partners with Google who pay to use the service.

The reason it took so long to remove the 10 minute limit and bump it to 15 minutes was due to ongoing technological efforts as detailed below…

In the meantime, you may wonder ‘why now? — the upload limit for non-partners has been 10 minutes for years. Well, we’ve spent significant resources on creating and improving our state-of-the-art Content ID system and many other powerful tools for copyright owners. Now, all of the major U.S. movie studios, music labels and over 1,000 other global partners use Content ID to manage their content on YouTube. Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we are able to increase the upload limit today. We will continue our strong commitment to provide advanced technology and tools to protect the rights of small and large copyright owners worldwide. We’ll also do everything we can to release incremental improvements like this one that benefit our video creators.

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  1. A real happy news for me and many video bloggers 🙂 Thanks a ton !

    – Robin

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