Google Images Update Incoming

Google [GOOG] appears to be in the process of giving the Google Images service a revamp. The new Google Images has a more user friendly interface and is able to show more images on the screen at once due to the text below each image hiding away when not needed.

Rather than being restricted to a certain amount of images per page, Google has opted for a scrollable wall where you can carry on scrolling with the image thumbnails loading up as needed.

Right now it doesn’t appear to be up and running but we suspect it will load up shortly as Google push it out to servers.

Let us know if you can see the new google images site and how it compares to the older version.

Via: Pocket-Lint


  1. It’s looks good except they omitted a feature that I enjoyed using with google images.
    File sizes! Not all images are created equal especially at the same file resolution.

  2. The old was the best, with colors option. I could search for cars then click on colors link and say for instance click on red link and would get only red car images or if I clicked blue link I would get only blue car images. I realy can’t understand why google have not included this feature in the new image search update

  3. The older version of google images was much better because you can see the file size, picture size, and ,if you have dial up like i do, you could go to the next page right away instead of loading all the images.
    I hope they make it so the old version is back =[

  4. What happen to the old style of image google ?
    I hate loading this so much. its really take so much time to view a image with full size ! hmm..
    pls bring us back the old one once 🙁

  5. My Internet connection is low, please dont update like this.
    – Event mouse over on the Picture is good,
    – But Photos is disorganize
    – Please make the page for visit, easy for low Internet connection

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