Google Goggles Gets Text Translation

Google [GOOG] has updated their Google Goggles app for Android that now brings text translation in to the mix.

Gizmodo describe the new application as having a little multi-linguist living in your phone.

To get the system to work you simply load up the application, point the camera at the text you want translating (making sure you get a clear shot of it) and capture the image. Once captured the system is capable of detecting the language you are looking at in most cases, and after a short wait the English translation will appear on screen.

The application probably wont be needed in most situations but would be seriously handy when visiting another country where you do not know the local language. For example, if you are ordering from a foreign menu, you should be able to get the English translation quickly with the application.

Google Instructions

* Download Google Goggles from the Android Marketplace
* Point your phone at a word or phrase. Use the region of interest button to draw a box around specific words
* Press the shutter button
* Goggles will recognize the text, and give you the option to translate
* Press the translation button to select the source and destination language. (Note we do our best to detect the source language)

Several languages are currently supported with more in the works. The current languages are English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Other updates in Google Goggles include the ability to capture a picture of a famous building and the service will provide details about the building and what it is.

You can get Google Goggles now from the Android Market.

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