Google Gesture Search for Android Launches

Google have launched Google Gesture Search for Android based mobile phones. The new search system for Google [GOOG] allows you to search everything on your phone by basically squiggling on the screen with your finger. Searchable items include contacts, bookmarks, applications and music. You simply write the letter of what you want on the screen and all the details load up for you.

To get the application you need to be running Eclair as the minimum, ie Android 2.0 and above which narrows the list of phones it works on down to just the Nexus One and Motorola DROID at the moment although more will follow soon.

It works by loading up the Gesture Search application (that you get free from the Android Market on the said phones above). You can then add the icon to the home screen of your phone if you plan on searching a lot. When wanting to perform a search you tap the application icon, squiggle a letter out on the screen and continue doing so till you spell out the word enough for you to find what you are looking for, then tap what you want on-screen. If you make errors then it’s a left swipe to delete the last letter or a right swipe to delete the word.

I have yet to test the application on a rooted phone such as the G1 running Eclair, but when I see if it works on there I’ll post an update.

Update: Looks like the guys at XDA Forums might be starting a port to 1.6 devices although it would be quicker to update to 2.0 it seems by rooting your phone.

Via: TechCrunch

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