Google Earth Satnav System Heading to Audi A8

audi-a8-google-earth_2Audi are about to introduce a Google Earth based sat nav system in to their A8 Saloon cars. This will be the first time Google Earth has been installed in to a production car officially.

As well as having the fancy Google Earth imagary the Audi A8 will also support a standard hard disk based system I assume for those times when the car’s GPRS/EDGE connectivity is lost.

By using Google Earth based navigation, drivers will get higher performance graphics that will show 3D buildings, landscapes as well as gradients and terrain modelling.

The Audi A8 Google Earth navigation system is set to be installed in the mid 2010 models. If successful I hope to see the system rolled out to other cars lower in spec.



Via: GeekyGadgets

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