Google Earth for iPhone gets an Update

iPhone-Google-Earth-itemsThe iPhone app, Google Earth, has received an update that sees a bunch of new features being added to the software. The new software is named Google Earth 2.0 and now provides more integration with your computer that allows you to view maps you create on your computer.

The new integration allows you to use the My Maps website on your computer to look at various trips. When saved, the information is automatically synced to your iPhone allowing you to access needed information while on the move.

To show how it works, Google [GOOG] put together the map below which shows routes to climb a mountain. The red line shows the route they plan and intend to make the the blue and green lines show the actual routes of the climb that were achieved in 2008 and 2009. To create the map details a GPS device was used to track the walk with data stored being converted to a KML file and then that information imported in to My Maps and then overlayed on to Google Earth on the iPhone.


A few other tweaks to the user interface have been done as well as new language support bring the total languages supported to 31 from 18 on the previous version.

Although a fantastic looking app, I’d still link to see Google release Google Earth for Android devices. It kind of makes sense considering Android and Earth are made by the same company.


Full details over at Google.

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