Google Earth for iPad Launched

Finally, Google Earth is now available for download on the iPad. The new app works very similar to how the iPhone version works but with the iPad having a larger screen it makes the experience far better… well, at least the idea is better as we actually found it to be a little buggy and slow.

The main problem we cam across was when using pinch to zoom where the “Earth” couldn’t keep up and kept freezing. Hopefully it’s just a software bug that can be fixed and hopefully a patch will be released soon for that.

But either way, it still looks very impressive running on the larger screen.

The application is available now for download and Google [GOOG] of course, are giving it away for free. You can grab it in iTunes or on the App store direct on the iPad now.


  1. It’s a great app for sure. Anything that involves the minds of Google and Apple is going to be a treat to use but there are still some things that could be added to make it even better on the iPad. The experience now is…near immersive, on the cusp. ANYTHING is better than using that silly pixel doubler!

    Check out my breakdown of the good and bad of the GE earth for iPad –

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