Google Earth for Android Comparison

Last week we reported that Google Earth was now available for Android 2.1 based phones such as the Google [GOOG] Nexus One.

To get a run down of how it performs on the Nexus One versus the Motorola DROID, AndroidHD have put together a side-by-side comparison. In some cases the Nexus One seems to win hands-down while in others it appears like the DROID and N-One are very similar in what they can handle as well as the speed of the data transfer to get the textures and imagery to the Google Earth application.

The video below shows the run-down of how they compare and is well worth watching to see the comparison between the two.

What will be interesting to see is a comparison of the iPhone vs the Nexus One to see who has the best frame-rates and which can handle data and animations the quickest from Google Earth.

The Android version of Google Earth was launched just last week and can be downloaded now from the Market on Android phones running the 2.1 OS. Although Google Earth isn’t available just yet for older OS devices, a modified version can be run as seen in the video just above.

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