Google Drive Integrated in to Google Docs

Google [GOOG] is about to roll out a new service called Google Drive. The service has been rumoured for about five years and can be likened to services like Dropbox. What G Drive does is let you store your files and folders in an online location so that they can be accessed from other devices.

The screenshot above shows Google Drive integrated with Google Docs although the option isn’t available as standard at the moment. The link seen above is literally only a link and when clicking on it, you get taken back to the main index page of Google Docs.

Although nothing can be done with it, the new option (when enabled manually) does indicate that Google is about to launch the new service to the public. We don’t know at them moment if it’s just for regular free users of Docs or if Google will launch to Google Apps customers first. Normally Google launch services to the masses first and then on to Google Apps users at a later date.

Expect to hear more information in the coming weeks about a launch of the service.


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