Google Docs Upgraded

Google [GOOG] have launched a major update to their Google Docs service that brings several new features to the free service. This includes a redesigned spreadsheet application, document app and a drawing editor. As well as improving each of the services, Google have also created group chat functions within each app.

The whole upgrade to Google Docs revolves around collaboration whereby Google believe this part of the service lacks. Several people can update a single document that can then be destroyed by a bad save by someone. The new version brings in more tools to make it run like desktop versions and also includes the ability to mark-up character by character.

Google Docs now makes it possible to see real-time what others are writing on the opened document. As the other user writes it is immediately updated on your screen. Up to 50 people can work on a document simultaneously.

Features built in to the Wordprocessor app now include a ruler, tabs and other features to make it more like a desktop version of the software. The Spreadsheets have also received an upgrade that allows auto complete, drag and drop columns as well as it being faster overall.

Google want us all to adopt their free services although I’m not convinced at the moment I could drop my version of Office for an online version. However, I am a regular user of the old Google Docs service (as in daily use), so perhaps I will soon drop office and work online from the near future. Time will tell.

Via: Mashable

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