Google Docs for iPad Coming Soon through Memeo Connect Reader

Memeo have created an app for the Apple iPad called Memeo Connect Reader that allows you to browse your Google Docs on your iPad. The application is going to be free when launched this Saturday along side the launch of the iPad.

The software allows users to download and natively use their docs stored on Googles [GOOG] Docs service. Documents are all viewed through the default iPad document viewer that has been integrated with the Connect Reader app.

As mentioned above, the application downloads the most recent docs to your iPad. To get started you install the application and when installed, load it up. You’ll then be presented with a login box where you enter your Google Docs username and password. Once logged in, the Apple [AAPL] device will start getting documents downloaded on to it. If you loose connection whilst out and about you can still view documents while on the move and when a connection is restored the docs are then resynced from Google Docs so you always have the latest documents with you.

It’s looking like a nice application and if it functions as well as the video below shows it functioning, the iPad could certainly win over various users who often rely on the Google Docs service. As it’s easy to use and allows you to read docs while away from an internet connection (might be beneficial to iPad Wi-Fi owners), it certainly does look like an application that will be downloaded many times over by iPad owners. Memeo also have a desktop version and according to TechCrunch, this piece of software is used by 40% of the enterprise customers of Google Docs (ie, 1000+ seat clients).

One downside is that there is no editing of docs with this application. If Memeo Connect Reader was updated to allow edits it would make a fantastic document manager.

Videos and screen shots are below.


  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t handle tabbed spreadsheets; other than that, it’s nice, but that makes it kind of useless for me.

  2. it allows you to edit the documents correct?
    i got a little confused from the video as to weather or not it edits them?
    also is this a good replacement for the 30 dollar word, spreadsheet, and presentation editor from apple?

  3. Norman Rosenblatt says

    I downlloaded memeo connect, I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for the little wheel to stop going around. Not a good sign.

  4. are we sure it allows editing of the opened g docs in ipad??
    coz from all i’m searching around it says it does not. 🙁

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