Google Docs to Get Cloud Printing, Third Party Apps and Sync

The source code of Google Docs has revealed that a few interesting things will be coming to the service soon.

When viewing the source code, some details under the title of “Coming Soon” are listed which includes Third Party Applications, Cloud Printers and Sync Devices.

The Cloud Print service is what is used to print from any device to any authorised printer. An example could be a printer hooked up to the internet in your office… if you print via Cloud Print you can select your office printer to print on.

The sync part is believed to be a way to syncronise your documents across devices in a similar way to the calendar, email and contacts are synced. Apps available do currently sync such as Office HD on the iPad, but having official apps to install on various devices (possibly similar to how dropbox works) would allow users to easily access and sync docs on whatever device they are on without logging in to the service.

With the launch of Chrome OS expected towards the end of this month, we might see some of these new services arrive by the end of the month.

Via: Google System

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