Google Create a Public DNS

google_logo_lgGoogle [GOOG] are on a quest to speed up the internet. Just recently they mentioned a new protocol called SPDY they have created that aims to speed up the way browsers get the data needed to render web pages by compressing headers and other functions such as passing more data through at a time. Now they have announced that they have opened a public DNS server that aims to resolve domain names quicker, thus speeding up your internet browsing.

When you enter a domain name such as, that name needs to be translated to a number (IP address) that the server is assigned and can be contacted by. It can be thought of as a phone book for the internet. Google have created a DNS server that helps to speed up these lookups by using a number of methods such as provisioning servers where there is a need, prevention of DDoS attacks (that can slow DNS resolution down), load balancing and prefetching of DNS data and storing that data in a cache.

A mixture of all these combined can (in Google’s words), speed up the initial load speed of a page. Of course there is more to it than I have mentioned here such as local caching etc… but the general idea is that when you first load a page it can add a second or more before the name is resolved to an IP, and Google are aiming to speed up that part of the process.

To make the switch you simply need to change your DNS servers on your network card to and for your primary and secondary DNS settings. If you need instructions on how to do this then check out the Google page here.

Via: Google

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