Google Chrome Web Store Launching

Google [GOOG] has announced that it is opening a Web Store for Chrome. The service has been designed to let you download web-based applications in to the browser.

The idea is similar to that of the Apple [AAPL] App Store as well as services such as Marketplace that Google offers for Android users and Ovi that Nokia provides to it’s users.

The new Chrome Web Store is being designed for Chrome only and will not function on other browsers. As well as being designed for the Chrome browser, users of Chrome OS when it launches will naturally get this functionality too.

Types of applications that can be downloaded include games and social networking apps. Right now it isn’t clear when the Web Store will be up and running in Chrome, but we suspect they will be waiting for developers to get on-board so that they have some apps to sell/give away for free on launch day. We also hear rumours that it could launch along side Chrome OS later towards the end of this year.

Via: PCWorld and Geeky Gadgets

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