Google Chrome Stable Release now Available

Google [GOOG] has announced the Google Chrome is now available as a stable release. The stable release is for the Mac and Linux versions which were previously in beta.

As well as launching the Mac and Linux versions as stable releases, Google has also added a bunch of features to the web browser. New features include the ability to synchronise bookmarks across several computers, sync browser preferences which includes themes, the homepage and startup settings. Also web content settings, preferred languages and zoom settings can also be synced which brings your favourite and ideal chrome settings to any computer you log in on.

Other features include…

Our stable release also incorporates HTML5 features such as Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop. For a taste of HTML5’s powerful features, try browsing through websites developed in HTML5 such as, dragging and dropping attachments in Gmail, or by enabling the geolocation functionality in Google Maps.

Google Chrome will soon have Adobe Flash integrated with it although this service hasn’t been included in todays stable release, but from what we hear, it should follow shortly.

All three versions of Chrome (ie, Windows, Mac and Linux) can be updated via the update manager built in to Chrome.

Full details over at Google.

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