Google Chrome OS Release Date Set for This Year (Beta)

The Google Chrome OS release date has been set at “this year” for a while now, but with the end of the year getting close, you might be wondering if it will actually launch.

To add to this confusion, Eric Schmidt recently said that it will be available in the next few months. TechCrunch questioned this by asking “will it still be this year” with the answer coming back as “yep!”.

However, it seems like it wont be the full and final version launching this year as there are still a number of bugs. What we will probably see towards the end of this year is a beta version launching.

A quick look around the Chromium OS Forums reveals that several bugs still exist in the ReleaseBlock-Beta category and that a further 38 bugs exist in the ReleaseBlock-Nominate list. These problems are generally UI issues with some being related to 3G subscription services that will allow you to purchase a data plan from the netbook or other connected device.

What might happen is that Google [GOOG] could remove some features to get an early bug free beta out of the doors although we are still left guessing at the moment.

Good news is that for now, it’s still on for this year. We’ll let you know if that changes.

Via: TechCrunch

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