Google Chrome OS Landing Next Week

chromeGoogle [GOOG] back in July announced that they were working on a new operating system called Google Chrome OS. The new operating system is a step-up from Android in that it’s designed to run on computers rather than phones.

The main problem with the launch being next week is that there’s still a lack of drivers which will probably mean that when you install the OS on your computer you might get a bit disappointed that half of your hardware doesn’t work. However, it is believed that Google have a team of developers working on this as well as leaning on hardware manufacturers to create compatible drivers.

TechCrunch have mentioned that Google might endorse a small amount of devices such as ASUS Eee’s as being Google Chrome OS ready although a lot of testing will need to be done first to confirm that.

I suspect with the amount of notice that Google have got for Chrome that there will be plenty of downloads on the day of launch and hopefully a nice array of drivers to get as much compatibility as possible. Hopefully a Google Chrome OS compatibility tool will be launched to let users know if their hardware is supported.

Will you be testing Google Chrome OS?

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