Google Android Virus Arrives – The First One

It appears that the Google [GOOG] operating system “Android” is now becoming so popular that a virus has been created for it.

The virus was found by the guys at Kaspersky Lab who identified the virus spreading in a text message. The virus is called the Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a and is sent via text message to Android based phones. The message prompts you to install an application which is described as being a 13KB harmless media player app.

If you accept and install you open up your Android OS smartphone which gives the virus the ability to automatically send text messages to premium rate numbers silently in the background.

The current way you can protect yourself at the moment is by simply ignoring any request to install anything unless you specifically visit the Android Market to find updates.

It isn’t clear yet how you know if you are infected other than getting a large bill at the end of the month. We assume to get rid of the virus requires a fill wipe of the handset at the moment (unless it can be removed from the program manager). We haven’t had any experience with this virus yet so are unsure how wide spread it is at the moment.

Via: Pocket Now

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