Google Android Phones – 60,000 Per Day Ship

Google [GOOG] seem to be doing very well at the moment with the Android operating system and the phones it ships on. Figures revealed recently by the Google CEO, Eric Schmidt show that about 60,000 phones running Android are shipping every single day.

At the rate of 60K per day that equates to about 5.4 million handsets per quarter which is a decent amount of handsets. Although it’s still some way behind the Apple [AAPL] iPhone in terms of sales per quarter (which are at 8.7 million), it’s still a huge chunk considering the amount of time they have been shipping vs the iPhone.

Android is still in it’s early days as well with Google making a huge push on handsets this year that includes their own Nexus One and rumoured Nexus Two as well as integrations with many hardware manufacturers around the globe.

It leaves the question of if or when Google Android will start out-selling the iPhone in terms of how many handsets are sold running the OS. One thing to remember is that only Apple make a product that runs the iPhone OS unlike a great number of manufacturers that install Android on their phones, for this reason it’s completely possible that Android will overtake iPhone OS.

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  1. Ian KIrkland says

    Blogging for The Wall Street Journal, Matt Phillips offers a snippet of a Goldman Sachs note published Sunday:

    We previously estimated that Google might sell 3.5 mn Nexus One units in 2010. Initial data-points were disappointing, possibly due to limited marketing and customer service challenges. Flurry estimated (based on mobile traffic) that Google sold 20,000 in the first week, and 80,000 in the first month, both annualizing to 1.0 mn. We forecast that Google sells 1.0 mn Nexus One units in FY2010, benefiting from US carriers other than T-Mobile, and non-US carriers such as Vodafone, promoting the device too, but suffering from limited marketing activity. We assume that Google rolls out a second Nexus handset, markets it more aggressively, and makes it available offline, and therefore forecast that Google sells 2 mn handsets per year in 2011 and future years.

    This means that they may be shipping 60,000 a day but shipping doesn’t mean selling.

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