Google Android Gets Opera Mini 5 Browser (beta)

The Opera Mini 5 browser (in beta) has launched for Google Android based handsets. The Android OS version of the browser aims to run quicker than the regular Android OS browser built in. To achieve this the Opera Mini 5 browser uses Opera’s servers that are used to cache files ready to be downloaded. I guess you could say it acts as a proxy in between and each time a page is requested the server makes the image smaller and compresses the HTML making the data needed to be downloaded a lot less, thus a faster transfer.

The only downside is that images do download at a lower quality although you can change settings to balance speed over quality.

After testing the Android Opera Mini 5 browser it appears to work quite well. There doesn’t seem to be any multitouch on the browser, but other than that it works well with fast page loads. The trackball and mouse pointer takes a little getting used to though. As it’s a free download you can grab it now to test for yourself to see how it runs for you.

Via: Gadgetell


  1. Harsh Agrawal says

    This is great that Opera mini comes for Android.., apart from the fact that the address bar is always showing, but I like it.

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