Google Android Market Web Store Goes Online

After a few years of waiting, Google has now launched a web store for the Android Market. The new webstore allows Android phone users to browse around various apps and click a button to install them on their Android smartphone or tablet.

To get it to work, you just need to register your handset or tablet with the Android Market web store and once done, you can then click to buy (or grab free) apps and via OTA, they are sent to your device.

The web store version of the Android Market is a welcomed entry as it makes it far easier to browse apps and check for updates on a large screen rather than on a small computer.

Just like the iTunes App Store, the Android Market is sectioned in to categories such as Games, types of games as well as other categories. You also have the option to browse through features, paid or free apps.

The web store is now live and can be found at

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