Google Android Gingerbread to Get Cleaner Menus

Some early hints as to what to expect in the next version of Google Android have been spotted in the latest Google Maps 4.60 update that landed last week.

Buried in the code is a specific section is a bit that specifys the menus to use. For Android 2.2 the level is set at 8. The new Google Maps contains a level 9 which hasn’t been used before. One particular user called canadiancow managed to switch the menus to level 9 and the image below (right hand side of the screenshot) shows what the new menus look like with level 9.

Not much has changed other than they look a fraction cleaner and slightly larger. This will be just one of many small tweaks that could potentially be found right now.

As for a release date, we are unsure at the moment when Android Gingerbread will launch. We’ll get the details as soon as they are announced, or leaked of course.

Via: Android Police

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