Google Android 4.0 Could be Called Ice Cream

Android 3.0 is believed to be called Gingerbread and has a release date of any time between now and Christmas. In fact, the SDK is expected to land this week. We have also heard rumors of Android Honeycomb and today, we hear that the version after that could be called Ice Cream.

The Ice Cream Android 4.0 version details came from the ARM President, Tudor Brown who said that Ice Cream would follow Gingerbread, which would have an interim update called Honeycomb and then a major version, 4.0, called Ice Cream.

Of course its all very early days right now. It is believed that about 6 months between updates will occur which makes Ice Cream potentially launching between this time of year 2011 and early 2012.

Other than hearing a name that falls inline with how the previous names are given (ie, alphabetical order), we do not know anything else about it. 3.0 is believed to be enhanced for Tablets but even that is a mystery at the moment. We’ll get more details as they arrive.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Slippery Brick

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