Google Android 3.0 Video Demonstration

Google has finally revealed more about Google Android 3.0 AKA Honeycomb. We have seen very brief details before, but now we have a short demonstration of what Android for Tablets will offer.

To start off, we now have it confirmed as Android 3.0 (not 2.4 like previously rumored). We also learn that this version of the Android operating system is designed for tablets only and wont be installed on smartphones.

What we see with this version is a completely different approach to the UI. Rather than being a large phone like the Galaxy Tab is, Honeycomb will bring a desktop type experience to tablets where various widgets can be placed on the desktop such as an overview of email, tasks as well as shortcuts to various websites. A 3D effect is also used when transitioning between screens. Overall, the UI looks very fluid as does browsing, email etc… However, this isn’t demonstrated on hardware as it’s all mixed in with a rendered background, so we’ll need to pass final judgment when demo models start appearing.

Via: Zath

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