Google Android 2.2 Heading to Some HTC Phones

HTC has said that some, but not all phones, will get Android 2.2 that Google [GOOG] announced yesterday.

The update will come to “most phones launched in 2010” by HTC. However, we also hear that Android 2.2 won’t hit smartphones until the second half of this year. This is primarily because of Sense UI and other tweaks that HTC make on their phones.

What we have heard is that the Nexus One will more than likely be the first as it doesn’t run the Sense UI and won’t require any modification to run as such.

When the launch dates get closer we’ll provide a list of phones that will get it along with any estimated time lines. For those with older Android phones such as the G1, you’re probably out of luck here unless someone over at XDA-Developers some how manages to squeeze enough out of the install and grab some available memory from somewhere to get it up and running.

Also HTC Hero owners who are waiting for the Android 2.1 update might have to wait a little longer if those in charge decide to skip 2.1 and provide 2.2 instead.

If this news frustrates you, which it probably will for some people, then it might be time to look in to rooting your Android device and installing one of the freely available builds that will no doubt start showing up in the next few weeks.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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